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Jan 16

GameBuilder Studio

Tweet GameBuilder Allows users with little to no experience put together a game through a visual interface. A large amount of people versed in Flash animation will appreciate something such as GameBulder Studio which makes it fairly easy to get up and get started. I was fortunate to be able to ask Houston Software Developer, Lavon …

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Oct 19

Space Nerds in Space

Tweet When Stephen Cameron joined up with TX/RX Labs, Houston’s Hackerspace he fired up development for Space Nerds in Space around October 2011. Stephen actually started prior to that in 2010 working on just the network functionality for about 2 months. Space Nerds in Space is a game that is completely free and independent of a game budget, but …

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Jun 20

Marketing your GAME

Tweet Every developer needs to market their game. It can be a full time job and often, like explained in this video, it has to be done on the fly and part time by a few or one individual. Whether it is your full time job or you are juggling between development time or if you …

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