Dec 23

New Fantasy Book: Dragon Gods Rising


Richard Leon has released a new publication in his New Gods of Mankind series:


Dragon Gods Rising

Explore an epic, new fantasy saga of dragons, gods, and heroes.

Once this was a peaceful world, on the opposite side of the galaxy. Now this is a world of elemental beings. A place where Humans struggle, reborn anew by a mad god into slavery.

Humanity survives a third generation of life under the yoke of the Mad Undine God, Plthunlos. Guided by the ancient explorer Bphophix, mankind struggles to stay hidden while serving as saboteurs. Bphophix, once the starship captain who settled on this planet, seeks an end to the torment humanity exists under in this strange new world of elemental beings and insane gods.

The Mad Undine God, Plthunos, sends his favorite anointed Human, Cyrex on a mission. He runs into trouble when he meets Illidara, a surly, beautiful and young Undine priestess. Deep within the Celestial Gardens, Draax, Dragon Goddess of the Boiling Seas, plots to take over the world of Naalrinnon. Will the Dragon gods’ unification bring an end the people of Naalrinnon?



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Aug 22

Classic Game Fest



This weekend The Classic Game Fest was held in Austin Texas at the wonderful Palmer Events Center.  This 2 day festival of Classic gaming brought old and new fans of gaming together to celebrate and enjoy in everything in this wonderful, and fairly new media, we like to call electronic games, video games, consoles, handhelds, arcades insert your *favorite game type here*. Not only were there a plethora of rare gems from the past, but also plenty of celebrating Cosplay and game centric music as well.

Originally created as a game competition, the Classic Game Fest has blossomed into a full fledge friendly family event. Allowing Kids under 12 in free was the brilliance of this festival. This allowed young people to experience what they might not get to ever see in video game history and parents to relive their past with their children.


This event was sponsored by the fantastic GameOver Video Games stores, who have helped foster retro gaming permanently and kept alive all of our classics we love so much. Portions of the event went to the Dells Children’s Hospital.

The bands were fantastic and non stop. Plenty of seeing around the stages provided the perfect rest for people that were… well… they were just not leaving because it was so much fun! An entire arcade of top notch retro games was on free play and every machine had people on it during the entire event.



Jul 16

Houston VR Pioneers User Group


Houston VR Pioneers Meetup

Houston VR Pioneers Meetup at Hal-PC

Since back in April Houston Virtual Reality Pioneers, or HVRP, has met up 4 times to discuss the current state of VR and Oculus Rift. The last two meet-ups have been held at the long standing Hal-PC or Houston Area League of PC Users. While the space had ample seating in a large area for interested parties, the place was just doomed by time.

However the meeting was such a huge success for HVRP and Eric Liga, aka DocOculus, that the group has sought out a new location. We are happy to say that the new location is going to be at TX-RX Labs, Houston’s Hacker Space which we have covered many times in past articles.  Where Hal-PC would give you a feeling from a 1970’s early 80’s set of Halt and Catch Fire , TX-RX labs offers everything from 3D Printing to Build your own Drone Classes!

TX-RX Labs

TX-RX Labs – New Location for the HVRP meetup!

There has been a significant delay in the shipping of the new DK2 developer kits, however there should be many of the DK1s and loads of demos for you to enjoy. If you haven’t experienced Oculus, and you would like to get a hands on demo come on down. Also we will be there with Houston Game Dev stickers!

 Click Here for the Houston VR Pioneers Meet Up Page


Come on down and get involved!




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